Watch: James Charles Interviews Lil Nas X in New Vid

Wednesday November 18, 2020

Lil Nas X, left, with James Charles, right.
Lil Nas X, left, with James Charles, right.  (Source:YouTube Still)

YouTube star James Charles interviewed out rapper Lil Nas X (while doing his makeup!) in a wide-ranging 14-minute interview shared Tuesday.

" I'm joined with country-pop gay icon, Lil Nas X! I give him a makeup look to celebrate his new single, 'Holiday,' while we talk all about his start as a star account, coming out, the success of Old Town Road, future projects and more! Enjoy!" Charles wrote of the clip's description.

In the video, Charles paints Nas' face after being inspired by the musician's music video for his new song "Holiday." Elsewhere, they talked about the "Old Town Road" hitmaker's decision to come out as gay last year.

"Obviously, a few months ago you came out as gay, which was such an exciting headline and I was so excited and proud of you and I feel like a lot of the internet really was behind you and supported you as well. It was such a crazy cool thing for the country and the pop and just the music community in general," Charles tells Nas.

They also discuss memes, fashion and much more. Check out the vid below.

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