'Schitt's Creek's' Dan Levy: Emmy Wins about LGBTQ Authenticity & Representation

Monday September 21, 2020

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy at the Emmy Awards ceremony
Eugene Levy and Dan Levy at the Emmy Awards ceremony  (Source:ABC/Walt Disney)

When "Schitt's Creek" swept the Prime Time Emmy comedy categories in this year's awards, it was the first time a show has ever done so.

"The series won the top prize of Outstanding Comedy series as well as Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series for Eugene Levy and O'Hara as well as Supporting Actor and Actress for Dan Levy and Murphy. Levy also won an Emmy for writing as well as directing alongside Cividino for the "Happy Ending," which was the series finale. Earlier this week the comedy also won Outstanding Casting and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes during the Creative Arts Emmys bringing its tally to nine," reports Deadline.

The show's final episode, entitled "Happy Endings," featured the marriage between David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid), a story arc that was developed over several seasons, making it one of the few sitcoms to include LGBTQ themes with humor and empathy.

"I think getting to write that storyline was incredibly cathartic for me for many reasons," said Dan Levy after the ceremony according to Deadline. "One, I don't get to see those kinds of relationships depicted on TV so I felt that it was an incredible responsibility to be given the opportunity and to try to tell it as authentic as I possibly could."

He continued, "We made a decision to not include the conversation of homophobia or bigotry on our show. By projecting a sweeter, gentler world, I feel that it was a political statement. It seemed to have an incredible effect on people."

He also alluded to the possibility of a film version in the future.

"If there ever is an idea that ever popped into my head [for a movie] worthy of these wonderful people, it has to be really freakin' good at this point — because this is a really nice way of saying goodbye. So fingers crossed that we really get a good idea."

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