Looking for New Music? Check Out These Up-and-Coming Queer Talents

Friday January 28, 2022

Looking for New Music? Check Out These Up-and-Coming Queer Talents

With the number of sources of new music having grown exponentially over the past decade, it has become easy to explore new queer artists. Actually with so much music by so many artists coming from so many different directions, here are some queer musicians and influencers worth checking out.

Sam J Garfield

Queer-identified Sam J Garfield (he/him) is a music producer and sound engineer based in Los Angeles. Authenticity and the ability to think outside the box is key when it comes to Sam's music and the artists he works with. With more than 50 published tracks in the last year, Sam's signature sound has caught the ear of many powerhouses in the entertainment world, leading to projects with "Ru Paul's Drag Race" and HBO's "We're Here." Referred to as the "Timbaland for the gays," referencing the prolific music producer, Sam works nearly exclusively with the queer community. So far, he has worked with Todrick Hall, beauty influencer and YouTube Sensation Gigi Gorgeous, Trans singer Ezra Michel, and most recently Rhea Litre, which garnered a top 10 track on the dance charts.

Hear the Sam J Garfield'-produced "Bad Bitch Christmas"
To hear more of Sam J Garfield, visit his Spotify page.

Summer Payton

Summer Payton (she/her) is an R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. Bi-identified, she has performed in multiple cities including Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Berlin. She is a graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Clive Davis Program. Summer dropped her debut album, "Golden Hour," earlier this year after spending most of the pandemic, writing and producing it in lockdown, which received a For Your Consideration Grammy nomination as an Indie artist. Summer is the recipient of Citibank and Music Forward's 2021 LGBTQ Emerging Artist Award.

Watch the official video of Summer Payton's "Need to Know."
To hear more of Summer Payton, visit her YouTube channel.

Glass Battles

Out Sean Augustine (he/him), the mastermind behind the electropop phantasmagoria of Glass Battles. He's a singer in a class that includes both Freddie Mercury and his de facto replacement, Adam Lambert. And he doesn't lack for ideas — his release "Glitchcraft, Vol. 1: Temptation in the Garden at Dark" is high concept and brimming with delicious melodrama.

Watch the official video of Glass Battles' "All Hearts."
To hear more of Glass Battles, visit his Spotify.

Ezra Michel

Ezra Michel (he/him) is a Los Angeles based musician who expresses the intersections of his trans/queer identity through song. He hosted the 2019 Trans Pride LA VarieTy Show, performed in Alexandra Billings' "I'm Still Queer: A Trans American Cabaret," Bob the Drag Queen's Purse First Music Sessions, countless California pride events, and appears as the first out trans masculine actor on a Telemundo series.

Released in 2020, Ezra Michel dedicated his first single, "Man of my Dreams" to himself after realizing that he indeed had become the man of his dreams. Released in 2021, "Girl Baby" imagines a world where coming out as nonbinary or trans is not an earth shattering event, or something to fear. Ezra came up with the idea for "Girl Baby" while dreaming about what he would have wanted to experience as a trans child.

Watch Ezra Michel official video for "Girl Baby"
To hear more of Ezra Michel, visit his visit his YouTube channel.

Chanel And The Circus

Chanel & the Circus (they/them) is a pop-rock band hailing from Los Angeles. Spearheaded by Chanel (they/them), the band aims to inspire positive mental and physical health, and implores fans to "...come dance in our glittery reality of fearless self-expression." Since lockdown, they've been doing shows around LA, playing queer festivals and headlining an actual circus. During quarantine they recorded a personal bedroom EP about loss, patience, and love, titled "WAKE UP," with plans to release an accompanying visual EP February 4th.

Check out the teaser for "WAKE UP."
To hear more of Chanel & the Circus, visit their YouTube channel.

Leopold Nunan

Leopold Nunan (he/him) is a Brazilian-American multi disciplinary artist. He was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and is an immigrant, calling Los Angeles home for over a decade. This month he released his new single, "Ballin' in Beverly Hills," described as a "bass twerk dance jam," featuring Brazilian drag queen Pietra Parker. Leopold was a winner of the Citibank and Music Forward Foundation's "10 Emerging LGBTQIA+ Music Artists of 2021 Award. He was also the recipient of the 2021 West Hollywood Arts Performance Grant. When he is not singing, he is currently acting in a cartoon for BricTv playing a gay alien from planet Pansexion.

Watch the official video of Leopold Nunan's recent single "Ballin' in Beverly Hills."
To hear more of Leopold Nunan, visit his YouTube channel.