Back to the Clubs: Celebrate Pride With These 9 Dance Hits

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday June 2, 2021
Originally published on June 1, 2021

Back to the Clubs: Celebrate Pride With These 9 Dance Hits
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It goes without saying that 2020 was a tough year on many fronts, not least of all for the entertainment industry. While theatrical productions and feature films found success—and huge audiences—by making things available to be streamed from the comfort of our living rooms, there was a struggle to find new ways to connect with each other through music while remaining so far apart from one another.

Certainly, many of us found ourselves listening to more music than ever, but the ways we experienced new music changed dramatically. It has never been more apparent just how much music depends on the communal element. But now, just in time for Pride, bars and clubs are back in business all across the country, making it possible for the first time to hear many dance hits the way they were intended: on the dancefloor.

"Rain On Me," Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Could this list have started with anything else? The phrase "cultural reset" is thrown around a lot when it comes to pop music, but when this long-awaited dream collab between two gay icons dropped last May, that's exactly what it was. A year later, it's still the iconic banger we need.

"Levitating," Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa had the unique challenge of bringing the world an album made for the dancefloor during a time when dancefloors were, well, not allowed. Somehow, through a never-ending blitz of virtual concerts, awards show performances, incessant radio play, remixes, and rereleases, she's managed to keep Club Future Nostalgia going all year.

"Love Again," Dua Lipa

That's right, she deserves two spots on this list! As "Levitating" reaches a saturation point—her next single from "Future Nostalgia" will be "Love Again," the irresistible and sly earworm that samples "My Woman" by Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band, and in turn White Town's "Your Woman." It's the kind of song that was made for the club, and with Bing Crosby given a writing credit on the track, it proves that Dua Lipa looks back to look forward more convincingly than anyone else in pop music right now.

"Kiss Me More" (feat. SZA), Doja Cat

While some artists, particularly new artists, struggled to find their footing in this pandemic year, Doja Cat thrived, owing in no small part to TikTok, where a handful of her songs went viral, leading to a rapid and long-lasting ascension to the top of the pop charts. Her latest entry? The catchy, sexy "Kiss Me More," with its already iconic "I feel like fuckin' something" lyric that is likely to burn up dance floors all summer long.

"Save Your Tears (Remix)," The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

One week after the world shut down last year, The Weeknd dropped "After Hours," arguably the best project of his career, and it's still breaking records on the charts 14 months later. With this remix featuring Ariana Grande, "Save Your Tears" becomes anthemic dancefloor fodder. And with an opening line like "I saw you dancing in a crowded room," how could it not?

"You," Regard, Tate McRae, and Troye Sivan

DJ Regard has had one helluva year with "Ride It" and "Secrets," both of which will likely be nightclub staples for years to come. But this less aggressive, more seductive record, accompanied by vocals from Tate McRae and Troye Sivan, is currently sitting atop the dance charts, where it will likely stay all summer long.

"Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has managed to pull off something fairly impressive with "Montero," and he had a lot to prove considering most dismissed him as a one-hit-wonder following the success of "Old Town Road," his record-breaking 2019 hit with Billy Ray Cyrus. But "Montero," and its ultra-controversial music video, pack in an awful lot in just over two minutes.

"Chromatica II/911," Lady Gaga

How often does it happen that the transition from one song to the next becomes iconic? It happened instantly when the string arrangement of "Chromatica II" transitions seamlessly into the synth-pop downbeat of "911." From the second it was released, it became clear that one song would never be played without the other. Just try it and there might be a small gay revolt. We guarantee that the opening bars of "Chromatica II" will empty out the bathrooms, resulting in a dead run to the dancefloor before "911" hits.

"Gimme More," Britney Spears

While Britney has always been the backbone of any good gay club, our allegiance to the Princess of Pop was renewed this year when "Framing Britney Spears" dropped on Hulu and the #FreeBritney movement was given new, worldwide attention. It's true that the gay community has always stuck with Britney, which will make it all the more satisfying when "It's Britney, bitch" once again blares through the speakers of every gay club around the world.

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