Catch Indigo Girls Tonight on Facebook Live & Listen to Their New Single

Wednesday September 16, 2020

Indigo Girls
Indigo Girls  (Source:Facebook)

Tonight at 7:00 pm ET on Facebook Live, Indigo Girls will be performing a special livestream concert to benefit their crew, management and booking agency.

In the spirit of Indigo Girls' early years where they played for tips at Good Ole Days in Atlanta, Amy Ray & Emily Saliers will be reviving some covers, along with their own songs. Their latest album "Look Long" is out now. "Our team continues to work for us daily, even though there's no income during these times," says Amy. "We love them, and we're going to ask for your generosity. Again!" adds Emily. Please join us."

Indigo Girls are also sharing their new song "Long Ride," written and recorded for the NPR Morning Edition Song Project, where musicians give their take on the COVID-19 era. The song is Amy and Emily's first co-write in nearly 20 years, and was recorded at their separate home studios and produced remotely by John Reynolds at Real World Studios with Claire Kenny on bass and keyboardist Carol Isaacs.

"Long Ride" can be heard on YouTube, will be officially released on streaming services in October.

The song began with an idea by Amy. "When I first started speaking it was to me, kind of telling myself, like, hang on —this is gonna take a long time to get through this," she tells NPR. "But I was also talking to, like, my friends and my family and just everybody I know that was trying to give up. People that I know that were alone in an apartment for three months in New York City, things like that."

"It's very hard to judge what anybody is going through right now, or how they're reacting to it," Saliers adds." So I liked the sort of camaraderie of [saying], 'It's gonna be a long ride, I know.' And then we kind of shifted the perspective to asking the question, 'Have you been a witness to this yet? If you haven't, here's what's going on.' "

For more on Indigo Girls and to watch their concert, visit their Facebook page,

Listen to "Long Ride" below:

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