Adult Entertainment Watchdog Group Advises Industry Shutdown After Performer Tests HIV+

Sunday August 22, 2021

An adult entertainment industry monitoring organization is calling for a halt in production. PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services) has reported that a performer has tested positive for HIV, reported

"Many adult film production houses in the USA, particularly those specializing in 'bareback' or condomless porn, use HIV testing as their primary means of preventing HIV among performers.

"Currently, performers are required to have frequent HIV tests, with their data stored on a third-party database to protect their privacy. The production house consults the database, and is notified if an actor is cleared to work," wrote the website Avert, which supplies information about HIV and AIDS, in 2016.

PASS was created in 2011 to improve standardize and monitor adult industry testing. It replaced an earlier group, AIM, that ended operations in 2011. PASS partners with organizations that conduct STI and/or other infectious disease testing in the United States and Canada, who then report work clearance data back to our database. PASS began operating as its own organization in May 2021.

In the tweet they wrote, "In an abundance of caution we are calling for a precautionary production hold after learning that a performer, who had not tested with for several months, tested positive for HIV.

"At this time there does not appear to be a threat to the performer pool."

It also included a statement from Michelle LeBlanc, the board President:

"This morning PASS was alerted that a performer, who had not tested with PASS in several months, had tested positive for HIV. Any performer who has had contact with them is being contacted and retested."

"We have been advised by the PASS testing facility that there does not appear to be a threat to the performer pool. However, in an abundance of caution, we are calling for precautionary production hold. We expet to have full results of all tests by Tuesday, and will make a decision to lift the hold as soon as those results are back."

On Twitter, many, including adult performers, responded:??