'AITA For Making A Gay Sex Joke?' Wonders Gay Man

Monday September 14, 2020

'AITA For Making A Gay Sex Joke?' Wonders Gay Man
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A gay man wondered if he acted inappropriately with his straight friends in a post on the sub-Reddit "Am I The Assh*le."

"My (M22) friends and I were at a friend's house - Jacques (M23), and we were drinking, and chilling. (In a responsible manner!). I'm gay, been out for over a year now!" he writes.

"While we're drinking, Jacques makes a comment, and I turn it into a sex joke, because why not? The atmosphere had been pretty light-hearted, everyone was fucking around, all was okay. Everyone freezes."

"Bottoms Up," was Jacques' comment, to which his gay friend stood up.

At that point, the Reddit post continues, Jacques looked visibly uncomfortable, asking, "What the fuck do you mean by that?"

The gay friend explains, but Jacques tells him that he's not funny, "and that gay men shouldn't make these sort of jokes around straight people, because it was essentially me hitting on him, and like two other of my friends agree." Jacques then calls his friend an "unbelievable asshole," which prompts the gay man to depart.

He was followed out by another gay friend from the group who said he thought the straight men were being "overly sensitive."

"I don't know how to feel. When I was younger, I had issues with boundaries, so maybe I did transgress some, and Jacques told me that unless I apologize for making him uncomfortable, I'm not welcome in," the gay man writes.

"So what do y'all think? AITA for making a gay sex joke around a group of mostly straight people?"

He added, "To clarify something; I wasn't the first person who made a sex joke. Others were made."

And, "Over 3000 (!) people now know I'm a bottom. Thank you Reddit."

Is he an asshole? See the post and responses here.

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