Mexico VW Dealership Apologizes over Nazi Photos

by Rod McGuirk

Associated Press

Thursday September 10, 2020

Mexico VW Dealership Apologizes over Nazi Photos
  (Source:Associated Press)

A VW dealership in Mexico City apologized Tuesday for a photo hanging in its offices that showed a VW bug at a Nazi rally and the automaker pledged to take unspecified "actions" in the case.

The VW Type 1 sedan, known as the original beetle, bug or in Mexico's case as the "bocho," was a car developed under Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

The Coyoacan Volkswagen dealership in southern Mexico City displayed a number of historic photos of the bug, including one of a 1938 rally with swastika flags where the car was presented.

A Twitter user complained and the dealership said Tuesday it had taken down the photos and expressed "greatest apologies" to those who were offended.

Volkswagen de Mexico wrote on its Twitter account "the images are not in line with our corporate image nor that of our distributors. We will take actions."

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