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Review: 'Magic Of Disney's Animal Kingdom' Captures the Majesty of the Wild

by JC Alvarez
Monday Sep 21, 2020
'Magic Of Disney's Animal Kingdom'
'Magic Of Disney's Animal Kingdom'  

Disney's other magical kingdom roars to life!

More than just a theme park attraction that's a part of the Disney experience, Animal Kingdom is above all a safe haven sanctuary for all types of wild animals from all over the planet that are cared for and encouraged to thrive. The staff at Animal Kingdom are not only trained to provide the guests an incredible visit and an opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants, lions and gorillas; they are also tasked with the care and comfort of all of Animal Kingdom's tenants.

In the newest Disney+ documentary series "Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom," premiering Friday, September 25 on the subscriber-based network, the audience is given an unprecedented tour of the enormous park grounds, but also get to meet the park's 5,000-plus residents. Produced by National Geographic and narrated by Josh Gad, one of the stars behind the voices of the much beloved "Frozen," the documentary series spares no expense to capture every acre of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

That it is a man-made achievement gets completely lost; under the expert eyes of the park guides and keepers, these wondrous beasts live in an as close-to-natural habitat as possible, which lets them to exist as they would in the wild. Park guests, meantime, have the opportunity to share time with a family of gorillas, or photograph a pride of lions. The full staff of specialists and veterinarians that maintain the health of Animal Kingdom's inhabitants are dedicated to their well-being.

It's that personal dedication to the animals that is a reminder of how precious a resource the circle of life is. Many of the animals that come to live at Animal Kingdom aren't permanent residents; some are brought in and cared for to be placed back in the wild, or to live their lives alongside Animal Kingdom's most prized residents. The documentary series allows us the chance to share a birthday with Gino, one of the silverback gorillas that inhabit Animal Kingdom, and visit with Gus, the park's baby hippo that is growing up fast!

The Disney magic is everywhere: From the imagineers that have turned the park grounds into a savanna resembling African terrain, or the craftsmen and women that have given rise to the park's most magnificent attractions, like the Tree of Life that is also the flight destination for the beautiful parrots and macaws that thrill visitors daily with their flight of fancy. "Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" reveals the dedicated scientists and conservationists that study and care for these beautiful animals with whom we share the planet, with the promise of mutual survival.

It's a reminder of what a precious and fragile existence we have to once again learn to treasure and preserve, if not for us but for the next generations of both man and animal kind if we are to thrive. Educational, wondrous, and eye-opening, this is one of the most engaging series on the network dedicated to inspiring us all to imagine beyond our own confinement and to wish upon a star.

"Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" is now streaming on Disney.

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