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Review: 'Stephen King 5-Movie Collection' Feels Random, Disparate

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Sep 15, 2020
Review: 'Stephen King 5-Movie Collection' Feels Random, Disparate

A disparate movie mix from the written works of novelist Stephen King are randomly collected into a new Blu-ray set. Paramount releases "Stephen King 5-Movie Collection," even though all but four films have been out in a high-definition solo format.

The highlight of the five films is the 4-part miniseries "The Stand." It even appears to get top billing on the Blu-ray cover case. Soon to be remade as a Netflix series, "The Stand" was made in 1994 and still "stands" up. The apocalyptic tale of a plague that hits the planet becomes eerily relevant in 2020. Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinise head up the all-star cast, and I was hooked from the opening sequence. Having never been able to get through King's elongated novel of the same name, "The Stand" comes highly recommended.

"The Dead Zone" from 1983 features Christopher Walken in a typically manic role. After surviving a horrific car accident, a school teacher gains special powers that enable him to see terrible events as they occur. This underrated film was spun off into a series that starred Anthony Michael Hall and lasted a few seasons.

From the category known as "Stephen King Movies That Weren't Successful," also on hand is "Silver Bullet." The werewolf horror genre was dying down by 1985, but that didn't stop King from adapting his own "Cycle of the Werewolf" novella into a major motion picture. As enjoyable as King's short story is, it doesn't quite make for a screenplay, even if most of the actors are good. The "Silver Bullet" standalone Blu-ray was released last year and is a better representation, especially with its numerous special features.

The two versions of "Pet Sematary," filmed 30 years apart, are the final two movies in this 5-disc set. The story of the Creed family - who learns the deadly secret of the pet cemetery behind their house - never quite gels in either the 1989 film or the 2019 remake. If you don't own either Blu-ray, most of the special features from both get included here.

"Stephen King 5-Movie Collection"

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