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Saturday October 12 at 7:00PM

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MODA is the conceptual character developed and embodied by Wynwood Artist and Designer Bo Khasamarina MODA, a ghostly alienesque creature - manifests itself as a mixture between the stolen historic identity of the people of his country of Birth (Nicaragua), the native Dances and Cultural melting of natives and the spaniard invaders,mirroring elements of dances like "el Gueguense" as well as the World Creation stories of the Central American people (Quiche - Nahualth - Mayan) as reflected through the Millenia on the "Pohpol Vuh", by showcasing all of these through modern music, mostly inspired by non Mainstream musical acts that seek creating a sonic landscape outside of the establishment.Visual Story Telling is the main purpose behind MODA,which in essence erases all facial features onto a blank canvas, to allow the wearable art, movement and passionate expressions become the main focus of it's performance style.Residing in Wynwood, with background in Fashion Design,Art Direction, Publishing, Photography, Dance, Visual Arts and a passion for music, Bo decided in May of 2007 to embark on a new world of flashes, stage sets, models and high fashion. In less than a year he established great recognition. In January of 2008 he was named photographer of the month by Since then, he has been published on a number of magazines and articles across the U.S. Europe and Latin America.For more info visit: