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Watch: After Filming Scene, Gay Porn Star Couple Gets Engaged

Monday Jul 16, 2018

A gay porn star couple Brian Bonds and Mason Lear are now engaged.

Bonds popped the question to Lear last week after filming a 10-man orgy. The moment was captured in an extremely NSFW video posted to Twitter account for the gay porn company Raw Fuck Club.

Of the proposal, the studio's Twitter account wrote, "it was easily the most romantic thing we've ever seen here on the RFC set!" After Bonds asks Lear to marry him (he said yes!) the rest of their costars and the crew applaud and cheer for the happy couple.

Bonds later took to his personal Twitter account to share the news and post a photo of Lear wearing his engagement ring.

"We are finally headed home!! So ready to be back after all this time, but coming back knowing that @MrMasonLear is going to marry me someday soon (after lots of planning) makes this the best trip ever. See y'all in Vegas!" he wrote.

Bonds also had a message for his haters.

"It's 2018 (and we say this with every year) and the fact that people still act as though we should be ashamed of what we celebrate is something to be ashamed of," he tweeted. "We share the most intimate parts of ourselves in our work alone. Why be ashamed to share this moment in a way we love?"

Bonds responded to a critic who has since deleted their tweet, writing, "This is how I wanted to propose to my future husband, with my friends around after and crazy fun time at the end of a month and a half long tour. I don't give a buck-tooth fuck what conservatives (or anybody) thinks. We fought for our rights to love and marry who we want.

"The way I propose to my fiancé is my choice. And as porn actors, I felt this would not only be special to us, but to the industry. If this is going to be used as fuel to take away any rights we have, any conservatives can suck my dick. I charge extra for y'all btw.

"And lastly, any conservatives who have issues with how I propose and with the fact that men love each other, need to get with the goddam program or do the world a favor and crawl into a hole and die."

Click here to watch the very NSFW proposal video.


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