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Watch: This Gay Porn Star Reveals How Career Impacts His Dating Life

Monday Jul 16, 2018
Blake Mitchell
Blake Mitchell  (Source:Instagram / @mrblakemitchell)

In a new YouTube video called "I'm Lonely :(," gay porn star Blake Mitchell opens up to his fans and reveals how his career impacts his dating life.

In the clip's description, Mitchell asks if it's "possible to be lonely when you have 100K+ followers."

"I wanted to open up to you and talk about the difficulties and challenges that my career has imposed upon my dating life," he adds. "The first challenge has to do with finding people who are interested in me for me... not just for my fame. I have had situations where I have been interested in someone, and we have been hanging out for a while, when they suddenly start asking me for a shout-out, or for me to promote this or that."

He goes on to say:

"Once I have found someone genuine, there can be problems with trying to spend time with that person in public. I've been out to the bars before and people will say things to me that, because I am a sex worker, they think it is acceptable to say to a total stranger: complimenting my... size, or my body, making sexual remarks to me, etc. Besides making me uncomfortable, if I am with someone who I am interested in, this can be a little embarrassing.

My filming schedule has made dating particularly challenging. My significant other has to sit at home while I make frequent trips across the country. While they are left home alone, I am having sex with other people, sometimes several other people. And on top of all that, it is all being filmed and uploaded to the internet, where they are very likely to see it. This has made it very hard to find someone who will put up with me filming porn, let alone be happy and supportive about it.

And that is why I often feel lonely.

Watch the SFW video of Mitchell below.

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  • stelmo, 2018-07-26 14:30:48

    While what he says may be true. I might suggest that he looks at reasons beyond his career for making it hard to find Mr. Right.

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