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Watch: Cher Recalls the First Time She Met Gay Men

Friday Jul 20, 2018

The LGBTQ community and Cher go hand-in-hand.

Speaking with GLAAD's Anthony Ramos this week, to discuss her new film "Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again" with costar Andy Garcia, the music icon recalled the first time she encountered gay men. It happened to be in her own living room, but she says she didn't understand what being gay was at the time.

"The first gay men I met I was 12 years old, and I came home from school and there were these two guys in our living room," Cher explained. "And they were talking to my mom and her best friend.

"They were so happy and excited about everything they were talking about, so animated," she went on to say. "And I thought, 'These guys are much more fun than the regular men that come over to visit.' And I didn't know that they were gay, but I just thought, 'These guys are great,' and it all started from then."


Watch the clip below.


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