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Ford: Electric Vehicles to be 40% of Global Sales by 2030

By Tom Krisher | May 27, 2021

Ford expects 40% of its global sales to be battery-electric vehicles by 2030 as it adds billions to what it's spending to develop them.

Ford's Big Bet: Fans of F-150 Pickup Will Embrace Electric

By Tom Krisher | May 22, 2021

With its new battery-powered truck, Ford is making a costly bet that buyers will embrace a vehicle that would help transform how the world drives.

Edmunds: Less Choice, Higher Car Prices in Chip Shortage

By Ronald Montoya of Edmunds | May 21, 2021

The pandemic appears to be receding in the U.S. and the economy is recovering, yet car shoppers are in for a surprise: There are fewer vehicles to choose from and higher prices as a result.

How To Find Out A Car's History

By Ashley Kilroy | May 19, 2021

With a bit of research into the car's history, you can spot red flags and avoid buying an uninsurable jalopy.

Edmunds: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs the Subaru Forester

By Ryan ZumMallen, Edmunds | May 17, 2021

The launch of Ford's Bronco, its highly anticipated Jeep Wrangler-like SUV, won't likely happen until late this year. But there is already a Bronco-badged alternative at dealer lots.

Pipeline Operator Says 'Normal Operations' Have Resumed

May 15, 2021

The operator of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline — hit on May 7th by a ransomware attack — announced Saturday that it has resumed "normal operations," delivering fuel to its markets, including a large swath of the East Coast.

U.S. Opens Probe of Steering Problems in Honda Accord Sedans

May 13, 2021

The U.S. government's auto safety agency is investigating multiple complaints about steering failures that could affect more than 1.1 million Honda Accord sedans.

NTSB: Tesla Owner Got into Driver's Seat Before Deadly Crash

By Tom Krisher | May 12, 2021

Home security camera footage shows that the owner of a Tesla got into the driver's seat of the car shortly before a deadly crash in suburban Houston, according to a government report Monday.

Edmunds: The Top Off-Road Vehicles for 2021

By Travis Langness of Edmunds | May 8, 2021

Edmunds experts report on five ultra-capable off-roaders that are either already on dealer lots or worth waiting for in the coming months.

Baidu Rolls Out Paid Driverless Taxi Service in Beijing

May 3, 2021

Chinese tech giant Baidu rolled out its paid driverless taxi service on Sunday, making it the first company to commercialize autonomous driving operations in China.

Edmunds: Five New EVs to Wait for in 2021

By Cameron Rogers of Edmunds | May 1, 2021

Here are five upcoming electric vehicles, organized by price, that the experts at Edmunds are most excited to see in 2021.

Toyota Acquires Lyft's Self-Driving Unit for $500 Million

By Yuri Kageyama | Apr 27, 2021

Toyota Motor Corp. has acquired the self-driving division of American ride-hailing company Lyft for $500 million, in a move that underlines the Japanese automaker's ambitions in that technology.

Edmunds: 5 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Return on a Car

By Ronald Montoya of Edmunds | Apr 24, 2021

What's the best way to spend extra cash from your stimulus money or tax refund if you do decide to apply it to your next or current vehicle? Edmunds' experts have five suggestions.

India's Electric Vehicles Face Practical, Technical Hurdles

By Neha Mehrotra | Apr 22, 2021

EVs are a rarity in India, but the country is now making an ambitious push for what it calls "electric mobility," to reduce smog. But the effort is plagued with technological and logistical hurdles.

Scrutiny of Tesla Crash a Sign that Regulation May be Coming

By Tom Krisher | Apr 21, 2021

The fiery crash of a Tesla near Houston with no one behind the wheel is drawing scrutiny from two federal agencies that could bring new regulation of electronic systems that take on some driving tasks.

New SUV Models Star at China Auto Show Under Virus Controls

Apr 20, 2021

Volkswagen, Ford and Chinese brands unveiled new SUVs for China on Monday at the Shanghai auto show, the industry's biggest marketing event in a year overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Edmunds: How to Test-Drive Vehicle Technology

By Rex Tokeshi-Torres of Edmunds | Apr 17, 2021

How can you evaluate new gadgets in the typical 15- to 20-minute test drive if you don't quite know what they do or what to look for?

Safety Groups, Unions Urge U.S. to Fix Recalled Gov't Vehicles

Apr 16, 2021

More than a dozen consumer groups and three federal employee unions are asking the U.S. government to stop using vehicles in its fleet with unrepaired safety recalls.

GM's Cruise to Operate All-Electric Driverless Cars in Dubai

Apr 13, 2021

Dubai said Monday that U.S. self-driving car company Cruise will become the first to operate autonomous taxis and ride-hailing services in the United Arab Emirates city of more than three million people.

Edmunds: The Most Affordable New SUVs for 2021

By Ryan ZumMallen, Edmunds | Apr 10, 2021

Edmunds' experts have compiled a list of five SUVs that come in a variety of sizes and have unusually low starting prices for their competitive segments.

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