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Cities and States Take the Lead on Banning Bump Stocks

Cities and States Take the Lead on Banning Bump Stocks

By Lisa Marie Pane | Feb 6
Gun-control advocates say the push fits a pattern in gun politics: Inaction in Washington that forces states to take the lead. Gun-rights advocates call it a knee-jerk reaction that will do little to stop bad guys from killing.

Guns Sold by Police End Up with Drug Dealers, in Gang Houses

By Martha Bellisle | Jan 9
A yearlong Associated Press analysis found more than a dozen firearms sold by law enforcement agencies in Washington state since 2010 later became evidence in new criminal investigations.

Effort to Restrict 'Bump Stock' Draws Unlikely Supporters

By Erica Werner | Oct 7
The National Rifle Association has joined the Trump administration and top congressional Republicans in a swift and surprising embrace of a restriction on Americans' guns, though a narrow one: To regulate the "bump stock" devices.

Once An Obscure Device, 'Bump Stocks' Are in the Spotlight

By Lisa Marie Pane | Oct 6
The Las Vegas gunman possessed a little-known device called a "bump stock" that was not widely sold - until now.

Vegas Gunman Had Device Turning Weapon Into Automatic

By Michael Balsamo and Sadie Gurman | Oct 3
The gunman who unleashed hundreds of rounds of gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas had two "bump-stocks" that could have converted semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic ones, officials said.

Officials Nix Plans for Hitler's Desk at Upstate NY Gun Show

Aug 27
Continued outrage over the rally of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, has scuttled plans by an upstate New York gun show organizer to display a writing desk used by Adolf Hitler.

Black Women Picking Up Firearms for Self-Defense

By Lisa Marie Pane | Jul 27
Marchelle Tigner, known to her students and others as "Tig," is on a mission: To train at least 1 million women how to shoot a firearm.

Gays Against Guns - How the Pulse Tragedy Launched A New Movement

By Dori Zinn | May 27
Last Summer, as Kevin Hertzog and his friends were mourning the Pulse shooting in Orlando, it was a simple conversation that kicked off what would eventually become, Gays Against Guns, or GAG.

Railroad Thefts and Guns: A Deadly Mix in Chicago

By Michael Tarm | Mar 5
Chicago's leaders blame gun laws in Illinois and nearby states that enable a flow of illegal weapons, but community leaders and security experts say no one seems to be taking responsibility for train-yard gun thefts.

Gun Industry Seeks to Ease Gov't Restrictions on Silencers

By Lisa Marie Pane | Feb 16
They are the stuff of legend, wielded by hit men and by James Bond. For decades, buying a silencer for a firearm has been as difficult as buying a machine gun, requiring a background check that can take close to a year.

1 thru 10 of 26 Stories