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White Supremacist Porn Actor Busted In Drug Raid

By Hunter Houston | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
Police popped a white supremacist porn actor for manufacturing and delivery of methamphetamine last week in Dallas.

Is Supreme Court's Same-Sex HIV Disclosure Ruling On its Way?

By Norm Kent | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
The legal issue before the court is whether sex between same-sex couples is actually intercourse under Florida statutes. Really.

Gay Club Night Gas Attack Encourages Hundreds to Gather for Acceptance

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
On Sunday, an unidentified person threw a canister of tear gas into the gay night at a Croatian club. One day later, hundreds gathered in pro-LGBT protest.

Nike Launches 'Equality' Promotion

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
This Black History Month, Nike has released a video promotion focused on bringing equality to the forefront.

Sources: State Department Keeping LGBT Envoy

By John McDonald | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
Multiple sources are confirming the U.S. State Department intends to keep Randy Berry as the nation's special envoy for LGBTI people.

Pride After Trump: Pride Fort Lauderdale Organizers Hope to Send 'Strong Signal'

By Michael d'Oliveira | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
As the first "Pride" since the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January, Miik Martorell sees Pride Fort Lauderdale as the first opportunity for the local LGBT community to speak out.

What Will Trump Do? There's A Conflict Between Federal and State Marijuana Laws

By Norm Kent | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
Twenty-eight states have now enacted laws that allow or protect the medicinal and even recreational use of marijuana. Florida joined the fold in November. Still, pot is illegal under federal law; what will the Trump administration do?

Fort Lauderdale Officer In Hot Water Over Pride Flag

By Jason Parsley | Sunday Feb 12, 2017
A sergeant of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department was accused last year of putting his personal beliefs ahead of his department when an internal investigation found he attempted to derail the Mounted Unit's participation in June's Pride parade.

Study Shows Gay Men More Closeted at Work

By Christiana Lilly | Sunday Feb 12, 2017
Do gay men go back into the closet when they're at work? Travis Speice, an assistant professor at the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, spent four years asking this question and determined that they do.

Larry Kramer Headed to the World AIDS Museum

By Ryan Yousefi | Saturday Feb 11, 2017
The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center (WAM) announced that on March 8 they will be opening the doors of their new exhibit, "AIDS Crisis in America: 30 Years of ACT UP - A Convergence of Disease, Art and Human Resilience."

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