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Remembering the Transgender People Killed in 2017

By Jeff Taylor | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Last year set a grim record for the highest number of known transgender people murdered in the U.S. This year is on track to match, or even top, it.

Joney Harper: Advocate, Biker and An Intersex Person

By Jerry Yelton | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Joney Harper's intersex self-discovery was born in North Carolina. And the road to finding that out was long and arduous as she traversed the landscape to becoming the person she was meant to be.

The A-B-Cs of the Ts

By Jerry Yelton | Saturday Nov 11, 2017
To be an ally to the T in LGBTQ, all queer, cisgender or straight allied individuals need to be aware of the ever-evolving lexicon used to define gender identity and expression.

Women's health risks go beyond breast cancer

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Oct 29, 2017
The battle against breast cancer is one example of how far a movement can go to address a deadly serious women's issue. Yet, other risks to women's health are not as publicized or as known to the general population.

Travis Wall Brings Shaping Sound Tour to Charlotte

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Oct 28, 2017
The arts have always been a sort of haven for LGBTQ people. Creation is undoubtedly a form of expression, and that is exactly why Travis Wall of "So You Think You Can Dance" dedicated his life to performance from an early age.

Charlotte Heads to the Polls to Pick Its Next Mayor

By Jeff Taylor | Sunday Oct 22, 2017
Charlotte has already begun early voting in a race to select the city's seventh mayor in eight years.

Cooper Signs Order Extending LGBTQ Protections, Says Trans Bathroom Rights are Protected

By Jeff Taylor | Saturday Oct 21, 2017
Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order on Oct. 18 extending protections to members of the LGBTQ community who work for the state, receive state services or work for a company that contracts with the state.

St. Louis Conference Honors 'LGBTQIA Saints and Prophets'

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Oct 14, 2017
"Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love and Justice" brings together pro-LGBTQ Christian leaders from Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Metropolitan Community Churches and United Church of Christ communities.

Loving Those Left Behind: Caring for Older Kids in Foster Care

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Oct 14, 2017
Older children are often overlooked by prospective foster parents. For LGBTQ youth, who make up 40 percent of homeless teens according to a 2012 Williams Insititute study, finding an accepting foster family is an even bigger challenge.

Same-Sex Couple Has the 'Nuclear Family'

By Maria Dominguez | Monday Oct 9, 2017
To see a living representation of LGBTQ progress, look no further than a cute, comfy home nestled in the trees of suburban south Charlotte, N.C. There live the Brock-Boone clan, whose lives have illustrated shifting time, attitudes and laws.

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