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Victim's Leg Broken in Hell's Kitchen Anti-Gay Attack

Jul 26
Manhattan's über gay neighborhood Hells Kitchen was the site of an anti-gay attack that left a victim badly beaten with a broken leg.

Mom: Warning Didn't Keep Slain Son Safe at Florida Nightclub

By Terry Spencer, Tamara Lush and Kelli Kennedy | Jul 26
Stephanie White clutched a stack of photos while sitting in a chair in her home. The television was on, loud, and turned to the local news. A story came on about the mass shooting at a nightclub that took her baby's life.

UK Man Accused of Killing 4 Gay Men Hit With Several New Charges

Jul 25
A man from the U.K. accused of drugging and murdering four gay men he met online was hit with an additional 17 sexual charges against eight men who are alive.

Testimony Heard in San Francisco Lesbian Murder Trial

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jul 24
Friends of a lesbian who was shot to death in a parking lot near a gay San Francisco nightclub in 2013 described in court how she had put up her hands and pleaded with the suspect before he shot her and a friend.

NYC Man Arrested, Avoids Hate Crime Charge for Stabbing Gay Man

Jul 19
New York City police said Tuesday they arrested man believed to have stabbed a gay man in the Bronx earlier this month, but did not charge him with a hate crime.

New Hampshire City Police Ue Pokemon to Lure Fugitives

Jul 19
Police in New Hampshire's largest city have gotten the Pokemon Go bug, trying to lure fugitives with the popular app.

Judge Reignites Debate Over Researching Jurors Online

By Sudhin Thanawala | Jul 17
Mining prospective jurors' Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts is common practice for many attorneys looking to spot biases that might cost their clients a fair trial.

FBI Closes Unsolved D. B. Cooper Hijacking Case

Jul 17
One of the most notorious unsolved crimes in American history will remain a mystery.

Twitter User Posts Video of Himself Pointing Gun, Using Anti-LGBT Slurs at Victim

Jul 14
Detroit police are on the lookout for a man who shot a video of himself pointing a gun at a man whom he believed to be gay. The video, which was posted to social media, has gone viral and is actually being praised by many in the Twittersphere.

Is Pokémon Go Helping Lure Victims to Criminals?

Jul 14
Missouri police warn that a hugely popular mobile game is helping criminals lure unsuspecting victims.

1 thru 10 of 1605 Stories